Oh boy, Valentine againThe day is approaching and, to make it more dramatic, it is falling on a Friday. Do you think Friday 13 is scary?

Try Friday 14 Feb instead:  a sea of zombies on Michael Jackson tunes seem most appealing to me compared to the out-of-their-nest mass of lovebirds on a Valentine’s day. 

Shop windows dress in red, love menu, chocolate harts in all shapes and packages, love songs: from killing me softly to candle in the wind –  don’t take me wrong, for the record: I love Elton John (in another life I must have been gay but I must have done something terribly wrong to come back as a Spanish 1 meter 50 brunette with no coordination skills to play piano). Funny that one of my top  classics , The Cure, has a song that reads ‘ Friday , I’m in love“..twisted sense of humour..

So, yes!

It is all prepared for a global must-be-lovy-dubby day, a kind of worldwide Moon wedding. 

Can you think of something less romantic that sharing your evening with a bunch of unknown couples all sit by pairs, over the same red rose, same menu on same soundtrack?! 

Well wait, maybe yes: a theatre full of non-stop kissi-kissi kermit, giggling couples: “I love you, honey-bunny” “no, I love YOU more, sugar cookie” “no, no, I love you much more, cranberry muffin..”

 Not to forget the “rose” guys popping in every café trying to sell flowers to any “pair”; whether your companion is your nephew or your neighbour. Wonderful – please serve me a gin-tonic with a black umbrella that reads ‘ Valentino, i just need an aperitivo ’ and please tell me that Saturday all this would be over.

And in the meantime? Well, we’ll shelter home , go for some take away and honor the evening with some terrific “love” classics: Frankestein, would you be my valentine?

La Loba
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