Screenshot 2014-05-14 15.32.22Enkele dagen geleden keek ik naar onze héél erg busybusy guestblogger Carolina (we organiseren binnenkort een TEDx Salon op vrijdag 13 (!) juni) en ineens floepte het eruit: ‘What do you do? For a living I mean?‘. Want beste wifties, Carolina aka la loba, is een duizendpoot en met zovéél bezig dat ik het spoor bijster ben. Ik vrees dat ik slechts één klein aspectje zie van haar kapitaal aan skills en ervaringen. Met name, een hele organisatie in een overzichtelijke spreadsheets smijten.

Bref. Mijn vraag stak haar als een bij. Het inspireerde haar tot volgend artikeltje. En antwoord. En ik raad je ten stelligste haar 3 vuistregels aan!
“Working nine-to-five what a way to make a living..” and back on writing ecstasy to my blog post at
“What exactly do you do? I mean, professionally, for living?” I get this question sooo often that it is time I get on with a story.

Once upon a time, I was working in an advertising agency waiting for my blue prince job to arrive by the hand of a charming client in a white cabriolet. After a while I realized that only little monkey jobs came my way and that, beside my steve jobs’ Apple, I had no similarity with snow white whatsoever.

I went through a mid-tale crisis and decided that if the blue prince job did not come to me, I’ll get to it myself & live happily ever after.

So, I quit my job, working culture and ambitious pressure to escalate, and started my personal journey to my DIY job, not thinking in making a living but focusing in making a life.

Here my three golden rules:
1st rule: Doing what I like doing and not what people expect me to do.

2nd rule: Doing what I like doing best and not what people think I do best.

3rd rule: Life is about what makes me happy, not about what should make me happy.

Now, I don’t go around with a tag. I hate business titles by the way: pretentious and mostly inaccurate. But, in our society, people need to check your barcode, as if you were a bottle of Ketchup, to get “inside” of you: 10% of tomato 50% of sugars and 40% of plastics, therefore: Ketchup. Never mind, that I’ve met a lot of managing directors’ “tags” which I have trouble matching percentages to: 10% of communication ability, 30% of arrogance, 40% of impoliteness, 20% of decision making, therefore: Gorilla. However, label states “managing director”.

Wrong labeling or abusive advertising?
But, let’s go back to my story: I started my own label & life-show. I know, it sounds more like a rock band or a whisky bottle but what the hell: one-woman-show; what’s in a title anyway…

Funny tag?! Well, most people will look to match your tag with how you get your bills paid. This is, because we attach immense importance to money. Therefore, whatever you do for money becomes your profession, and your profession defines who you are. Are you an actor that earns his pay-check in a restaurant? Or a waiter that plays theater? Are you a writer that gets paid as accountant? Or an accountant that writes? Are you an expert in languages that works as guide? or a multi-lingual tourist agent?

My barcode reads:
20% of drawing
10% productions
30% concept making
15% brand design
15% events
& 10% cultural projects:
= 100 % FUN.

And, how I earn my beans and how many go into my plate, ain’t none of your “business”.

La Loba
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PS: bij de mail schreef ze nog dit:
I’m director of art projects for Damia Diaz – Artist
I’m creative planner of MXO – a partnership of customised & exclusive trips to Spain
I’m art director and communications designer of two law firms on a regular basis
I’m events & productions manager for clients mainly in the start-up and technology sectors.
I also make design and events project– based: paid or pro-bono.
I dedicate 16 hours/week to drawing.