Screenshot 2014-04-02 13.24.27En daar is gastblogger Carolina weer.  Druk nu zonder gêne op de pauzeknop. Want haar volgende stukje grenst aan het onwaarschijnlijke!

A story of a friend of mine struck me the other day. She is a top executive woman travelling around the world. On one trip to India, she suffered an intoxication – I’ll save you the juicy details – and she asked for medical assistance from her 5 star “plus” hotel room.

A lady from the hotel brought her to a (of course) 5 star “plus” hospital: “oh so sorry madam, so sorry”. The hospital? For the bold & the beautiful living on top of the luxury wave: 5 nurses per serum, a golden suite and the lady of the hotel flying on command around her wishes .

At a certain point, my friend had to handle her ID and her credit card to get admitted to the hospital. Apologising, the hotel lady asked her to provide the name of her husband. My friend answered she had “no husband

“No husband?!” she claimed “a women of your age (40+) has to have a husband!” all this without loosing her sweet manners :“sorry, so sorry”.
My friend insisted: she had “no husband”.

The lady of the hotel changed strategy and asked then for the name of her father.
WTF?! Are you kidding me? Nope, I’m not giving the name of my father: I’m an independent, adult women with a high demanding job and excellent economic position, holding a gold VISA card, guest at a 5 star “plus” hotel: that is all you need to know!!”

I can picture her going all heated up, blowing up like the Hulk. Surely she got a higher sugar outburst and adrenaline pump up out of this discussion than from the 5 star serum.

Basically, (you probably figured that out already) they refused to inscribe her without the consent of a man. So, she finally gave the name of a male colleague and she was admitted to the hospital.

This was, “it is”, a reality shock that brought me to the thought of why we still ought to be feminists. Because, feminism is about acknowledging that women still encounter disadvantages or difficulties (also in our western world) for being women and that on itself is “shocking”..

Sometimes, I have the feeling of going to sleep in 2014 while getting up in the 50’s : abortion rights being abolished, politicians addressing their females colleagues as “darlings”,  salary inequalities conformism and all that while women gather in “cup cake & sewing” vintage parties.

But, the funny fact, though you won’t hear me laughing, is that not many women and hardly any men would define themselves as feminists.

According to Wikipedia, which nowadays is like quoting the Oxford English Dictionary, feminism is “a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women”

Well ladies & gents, I’ll sign for that! Because, “shoes” won’t save us...

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