We’re looking for World Wide Wifties, 50+ women from all over the world. On the road, traveling, working, retired, foreign friends… Share your story! We want to know all the Wifties in the world! :-)

Let’s start with Maura (51) – living in Florida. 

Maura is traveling in Europe with her husband and four children. They celebrate the graduation of their eldest son Colton. One month in Europe: the Nederlands, Belgium, Croatia, Ireland and Scotland are scheduled.

I met Maura and her family on the beach in Knokke. They were staying in Brugge and came by bike to Knokke.

Nice to meet you Maura, do you like Europe? 

“Oh my god, yes! The people are so friendly, the food is delicious and I love the architecture!”

And what about that Wifty feeling? 

“It’s fabulous to be fifty these days, fifty is the new thirty. The kids are grown up, finally free!” 

Your Wifty advice? 

“Enjoy your fifties, they’re the best years ever! I can honestly say that I have never felt more happy than since I turned fifty. Fifties are the most fun years.” 

Thank you Maura, you’re a super Wifty, enjoy Europe!

WIFTIES (Women over Fifty) ALL OVER THE WORLD, WE WANT TO KNOW YOU! Please send an e-mail to helene@wifty.be with  your story, your opinion about 50+ and your Wifty advice. Please include a photo. THANK YOU!