We’re looking for World Wide Wifties, women over fifty from all over the world. On the road, traveling, working, retired, foreign friends… Share your story! We want to know all the Wifties in the world! :-)

We got a first response from Sharleen (52) – living in Durban, South Africa.

My name is Sharleen Boaden and I am a fine art artist living in sunny Durban, South Africa.

I can honestly say that at 52 years old, I am the happiest I’ve ever been.

I suffered terribly from depression during my 30’s until I joined an oil painting course for beginners. After 8 weeks I was hooked and never stopped painting. Art has had a direct influence on my change of attitude and outlook on life.

I am a happily married mother of three and have found that the simpler your life is the more content you are.

It brings me great joy that my paintings continue to find their way into people’s art collections and I hope to exhibit abroad one day.

My advise as a fifty+ year old?  Never stop believing in yourself, wear a good red lipstick and be kind to animals :-)

Thank you Sharleen, we like your paintings and we love animals. Big red lipstick kiss! 

WIFTIES (Women over Fifty) ALL OVER THE WORLD, WE WANT TO KNOW YOU! Please send an e-mail to helene@wifty.be with  your story, your opinion about 50+ and your Wifty advice. Please include a photo. THANK YOU!